Monday, February 22, 2016

We Saw Ourselves a Live 'Possum!!!!!

Hello friends!

Well, first things first. This week one of my number one bucket list items actually happened. This is what my bucket list used to look like: 1. Be in a hurricane, 2. See a lighthouse 3. See a possum living and breathing. This what it looks like today 1. Be in a hurricane 2. See a lighthouse. I have seen more dead possums than I can count, but this week we saw the real, ugly little thing run across the road in front of us!

This was a miracle week! Last Monday evening, all of our plans had fallen through and so we were driving to find a less active. I felt a little miserable and I thought back to your email from last week. At that moment I decided that I don't have time to have bad days! I only have 2 transfers left! So Hna. Nyre and I made a goal to not have any bad days for the rest of our missions. We made a sign on our white board that says, "number of days since our last bad day" and then the number. We are up to 7 days. :)
I could sit here and tell y'all miracle stories from this week for days, but I only have an hour and a half to email, so I'll leave it at: We had a ton of miracles and Jonathan came to church this week!!!!
Oh, though one miracle that I do want to share happened on Saturday. So, there was a trailer park out in the country that we wanted to go visit so we started driving to where we were POSITIVE it was. Well, we didn't find it so we thought it must be the other way. Because we were in the country of North Carolina, there was absolutely NOWHERE to turn around! So we ended up driving around a couple miles trying to find somewhere we could turn. Before we knew it, we were out by the Relief Society president's house. Hna. Nyre had the thought that we should stop and do "secret service" so we went and it turned out she was rearranging her kids 'cramped room and was about to scream with frustration as her children ran around her legs getting into things! Perfect timing. As we were driving back to our next appointment what did we see? The trailer park that Heavenly Father blocked from our vision before - right where we drove past earlier that day. God works in mysterious ways! 

Changing our attitudes has made such a big difference for us. We had a couple times this week when things didn't go how we planned. Because we didn't get grumpy and upset, we were still listening to the spirit, and more than once we were put in the path of someone that needed our help. It was pretty amazing.

The Lord is truly blessing us in our area. A few weeks ago we only had two investigators and neither of them were progressing at all. As of today, we have 9 active investigators and a lot of potential investigators to contact this week. Sometimes I really don't feel like I deserve so many blessings, but I'm so grateful for them nonetheless!
This is the Lord's work and His hand is always here helping us along. I'm so grateful to be a missionary!
Have a good week!
Hermanita Fields

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