Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello friends!
This week was a pretty good week. :) We went from freezing iciness, to 70 degrees today... It's pretty great!

I got some great news this week! I got accepted to BYU-I!!!!! I'm freaking out a little because school still really scares me, but I'm excited!

Here's my spiritual thought for the week:
This week I really learned the importance of the Sacrament. Our ward, like a lot of wards around, cancelled church last week because of the crazy storm. At first I didn't really notice a difference, but then I just kept feeling worse and worse all week. It wasn't like it was an awful week, things just never seemed to go well, and I just didn't feel like I had the spirit as much, and I was having a hard time wanting to be a missionary. Everything just felt too overwhelming! Then Sunday finally came back around and we had the amazing privilege of renewing our baptismal covenants. It was the best feeling ever, it was like the spirit flooded back into my soul. It wasn't because I was doing bad things all week long or anything, I just needed that renewal and cleansing again so that I could keep going forward. Because that was the first time in over 14 months that I have gone without the sacrament, I really took for granted the difference it makes. This work is so hard and I need the Lord's help every day to do it. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for the opportunity that we have to be renewed every week and realign ourselves with Christ, and I'm so grateful to the Savior for making it all possible!
I hope y'all have a spectacular week! La Iglesia es verdadera!
Les quiero!
Hermana Fields

North Carolina Sky on Fire

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