Monday, September 28, 2015

"The cockroaches are coming! The cockroaches are coming!"

This has been a crazy week, people! The good news is:  We made it through and we're all alive!
I guess I should explain my heading.... Our apartment is overrun with nasty little beasts... Not that I'm complaining. I just didn't realize that I would have this problem as a stateside missionary. I guess it just adds to the adventure! We actually had to sleep at our sister training leader's house last night because of it. Hopefully, we can get that fixed soon...

This week we had zone conference, which was incredibly inspiring. However, we got Tiwi's put in our cars at the conference... For all of you who don't know what that is, it's a monitoring device that yells at you if you speed, or go over a bump too fast, or anything like that. Not that that should matter because I'm an amazingly safe driver, it's just kind of obnoxious.... We also got our car inspected, and guess what companionship won cleanest car in the Zone? Yup. We did:)

We also had exchanges and the broadcast of the General Women's Meeting this week. Exchanges were pretty crazy. Hna. Buchanan and I stayed with Sister Carlson. By the time we were done with studies and lunch, every appointment we had had texted us and cancelled... and it just sorta went downhill from there. Since it was such a crazy day, we decided we needed to go to the newly opened Café Rio for dinner. Being in that building is like being in Utah again, people. It's the only one for miles, so it's always full of members. Why do Mormons like Café Rio so much? I have no idea, but it's great. So we were standing in line and we saw a member from one of the wards. He came over and talked to us for a second and then handed us some money and told us to buy our dinner with it. That was the biggest tender mercy of my entire life!!!! And then, to make sure I really knew that God still loved me, He sent TWO more people to offer to buy our meals! Can you believe that?! I was sooooo grateful to those kind souls! It made my entire day! And then, of course, after that we watched Women's conference, which was absolutely amazing!!!! I see a book coming out any day of Pres. Uchdorf's parable.

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing conference weekend and that you all watch it and learn a lot and feel the spirit:) Have a blessed week!

Hermana Fields

Monday, September 21, 2015

On Being a Trainer

This has been a crazy week. Driving for the first time in 10 months, leading an area and training is a little scary, but we made it and we are alive! My new companions are Hermana Mardis, like I said last week, and our new missionary is Hermana Buchanan! There is a picture of us below. I just love these two beautiful women so much! They are the best! Hna. Mardis is from Cedar City and Hna. Buchanan is from Layton.

We had a pretty great little miracle happen this week. We have really been struggling in our area to find anyone new to teach, so we went tracting in a trailer park that hasn't been tracted in a long time. On the third trailer we walked up to this man. He comes over and starts talking to us through the screening around his porch. He was kinda being weird and grumpy. He kept saying stuff about how there is only one God, but  we couldn't really understand what he was getting at because his English was kinda broken. So I said, "This is a ramdom question, but, where are you from?" He said that he was from Guatemala. So I said, "Entonces, habla español ?" He nodded, and I said,"Nosotras tambien!" When I said that, he completely changed. There was suddenly a smile on his face and he asked us to come in and if we wanted anything to drink. I had to try not to laugh, he went from grumpy and closed off, to open and super nice in less than a second. We taught him the Restoration lesson and he said he would really think and pray about it. We'll see what happens!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 
Remember that God loves you!

Hermana Fields
Hermanas Mardis, Buchanan and Me!

My Hamburger "tostada" - #ThatGlutenFreeLife 

My last district

Monday, September 14, 2015

News from the News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello friends!

Well, another week has come and gone, and today officially marks a new transfer. That probably makes you all wonder (or not) is Hermana Fields moving, or staying in Newport News? Well, I'll tell you. I'm staying! And guess who's coming to be my companion?! Hermana Mardis! And guess who else?! I don't actually know, because she is currently in the MTC! I'm training!!!! Weird, I know. I feel way too young to be a mom.

In other news, we had stake conference this week. It was pretty darn amazing. Our stake president is going to be an apostle one day. He is so darn powerful! Like, almost Elder Holland powerful (I hope that's not sacrilegious to say...).  We were all thoroughly called to repentance in the most loving way I have ever heard. President Hamilton is an amazing example of bold but loving. Here are a few things I learned:

1. A thought from the stake relief society president: God doesn't need our prayers. He wants them and lovingly waits for them, but He doesn't need them. We are the ones that need our prayers. We need to be reminded every morning and evening that we have a loving Heavenly Father that gave us everything and is still giving us all that He can. So, say your prayers morning and evening!

2. Knowledge from President Baker: The quote "Open your mouth and it will be filled" has a twin, "Pick up your pen and you will receive revelation." When we are searching for revelation we need to study and have a pen and paper ready for revelation and write it down, and the,n as President Baker says, "Ask the simple question, 'Is there any more?' There usually is." As we act and write down our promptings God will know that we mean business.

3. Wisdom from the stake president's 11 year old son: "Who needs caffeine when you have family history?" Family History is energizing! This stake has a huge emphasis on family history. They made a goal to submit 10,000 names to the temple this year. As of yesterday, the stake has submitted 11,525 names. How insane is that?! Family history is so important! It provides salvation for our ancestors and protection and help in our homes. That is a promise from God! So all of you need to do it because I can't, yet!

I hope all of that made sense to you all...

I'll have to give you all an update on my little greenie next week.

I hope you all have a beautifully blessed week!

Hermana Fields

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quick Note :)


Well, awkwardly it's Tuesday and I already don't remember anything that happened last week.... But I Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! And well! Things are going well for us and they are going to be even better this week! 

We went to colonial Yorktown on Monday and so that's where these pictures are from! 

I love you all and I hope that you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Fields

Us Trying to be Serious
We Are From El Salvador

Yorktown Victory  Monumen