Monday, February 1, 2016


Something really awkward happened last week.... I never sent this email! I got on today and it was in my drafts... Sorry folks! Here it is a week later!

Hello friends! 

Buckle up! A lot happened this week!

So first off, we had an ice storm. I don't know if any of you have ever been in North Carolina in the winter, but whenever this sort of thing happens the whole world shuts down! They even cancelled church! The ice hardly touched the roads, so we were still out, but a lot of people were out of power this weekend because of all the tree branches that fell everywhere. The roads were fine, but everything else was COVERED in ice. I felt so bad because there isn't much I can do to help anyone in a power outage! I wanted to invite everyone over and buy pizza, but that wasn't really an option! We all survived though. :)

This was the craziest week of miracles! I said that last week, too. But the Lord is blessing us more and more every week! We currently have 6 referrals from members! We are going to work really hard to help them to all become new investigators this week! How did we get so many referrals? We met with 11 active families last week. The funny thing is that not all of the referrals came from when we were at their houses, some of them just sorta came out of nowhere! I know we have been so blessed because we are working hard to find investigators through our members. 


One night, while we were planning, we felt like we should go visit an active member named Sister W. She's old and lonely so we visit her every so often, but we weren't going to be in her area that day so we decided against it. The next day, while I was studying, I felt again like we needed to go see Sister W. Then, we were doing some service for another member and Sister W. called us! She just wanted to make sure we were doing okay in the weather, but she was doing just fine. Later that day we felt again, like we needed to go see her! So, we finally did. She was just fine.  I was a little confused why we felt so strongly that we needed to go see her, but then as we were visiting, she told us about something that had happened with her next door neighbor earlier that day. She told the story and said, "I can't understand them very well though because they are Spanish." We have never knocked, or for some reason ,ever thought of knocking that neighborhood! So we said that maybe we should go knock on their door and she got excited and thought that would be a great idea. She then told us that they have really big family of 12 that almost all live in that same neighborhood! If we hadn't gone to see her that day she probably wouldn't have mentioned those neighbors to us! It was pretty amazing! 

Another evening, we were eating dinner at a family's house and there were some random kids we didn't know. After we shared our message we asked who the kids were and the mom told us that their dad had gotten in an accident that day and so she was taking care of them while their parents were at the hospital. She also said that she really wanted to take us over there to visit them when they got home.

Last night we got a call from the elders in our ward telling us that they had just given a blessing to a member's grandma and that we should go try her. Apparently she only speaks Spanish! We didn't even know that member had family around! 

So great things are happening, and this week will be a whole lot of following up and teaching first lessons!

This week we also had a world wide training from the General Authorities. It was sooo amazing! A lot of people gave trainings, but something that I really loved was a story Elder Anderson shared about an experience that Elder Scott had when he was at a stake conference somewhere giving a talk, and afterward a women shook his hand and gave him a letter. In the letter she told him how much she loved what he had said and thanked him for his remarks, but then she said that she had come a long way to hear his witness of Jesus Christ and he didn't give it. He realized that even though he had talked about a lot of important things, he forgot to testify of the Savior. After that, he made a goal to always have the Savior's name on his lips. One bit of revelation that I received was that I need to cut out Babylon. I have a really bad habit of quoting movies and just being distracted by stuff like that. So, to be able to have Christ's name always on my lips, I need to get Babylon off. So I have been working on that this week. It's amazing how much more focused on the work I have been! Hermana Nyre and I have made a deal that if either of us starts quoting anything worldly we start singing, "Oh Babylon, oh Babylon we bid thee farewell...." and that puts us back on track! I have also made the goal to always have Christ's name on my lips. Sometimes it's easy for us to get distracted by all the things we have to teach people about, but the foundation of it all is Jesus Christ and I need to always be testifying of Him.

So, that is my week at a long glance...
I hope you all have a wonderful week, and that you all stay warm! (except you, Andy.  You need to stay cool! ;) )

La iglesia es verdadera y Jesus es nuestra luz en la obscuridad! 

Les quiero!

Hermana Fields

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