Monday, January 18, 2016

Miracle Week!

Hello friends!!!!

     How have y'all been this week? I've been cold... that's a change! Something that hasn't changed though is our companionship! We didn't get transferred! I'm super excited:)

     This week was a miracle week. The Lord is blessing us so much!

     Miracle #1. Golda. We had taught her a few times, but she didn't show a lot of interest and after a while wouldn't really set appointments so we stopped focusing on her. Well, about two weeks ago we were out one night and all of our plans had fallen through, and we felt like we should go see Golda. We did and taught her the Plan of Salvation. By the end of that lesson there was more light in her eyes and she told us that she wanted to come to church and also our English class. Sunday came and she didn't show up to church because her daughter was sick, but she did come to English. That was huge for her, she met a lot of the members and one of the sisters invited her to church! We set another lesson with her and made sure that we brought members with us this time. We did, and we had a great lesson mostly thanks to the couple we brought with us! And then guess what happened? She came to church this week and had a really great experience! We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off for most of church trying to get translating stuff set up, but all the other Hispanic sisters helped us out so much and were so loving and reached out to her and made her feel right at home. It was a huge testimony builder of how important members are to the work!

     Miracle # 2. There is a 9 year old girl in the ward  named Emma that swore she wouldn't get baptized until she was 47. Well, about a month ago we were having dinner with her mom and she told us that their cat had run away and Emma told her that she would get baptized so that she could see the cat again in the Celestial Kingdom, but only if that cat was still gone after a month. This Sunday marked one month since the cat ran away, so we got a text from her mom asking us to come start teaching her:)
     So it's been a good week:) and this week will be super great too! 

     Well, I love you all, have a beautiful week, and always remember that Heavenly Father loves you and wants your happiness and that la iglesia es verdadera!!!!!

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