Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Where I Want to be in Five Years" ;)

Hola! Como estan?!

This was a pretty stressful week - I'm not going to lie. The week of a transfer always is, so I'm not surprised in the slightest. The worst is not knowing what is happening the next week. You could end up anywhere! We did get our calls on Saturday and Hermana Nyre and I are staying and Hermana Bills is off to Clayton, North Carolina to train a little baby missionary! She's only 5 months old, too! That doesn't even surprise me either though, because Hermana Bills is an amazing missionary.

This week I got a letter from none other than one of my favorite Young Women's leaders, Sherry Judd. Enclosed in that letter was a sealed envelope with my name written in my handwriting. That was weird. I read the letter from Sister Judd and it turns out that it was a list of goals of "where I want to be in 5 years"  that I wrote to myself 5 years ago in Mia Maids that I totally forgot about! So I opened it and read it. It went like this.

"where I want to be in 5 years...
Have gone or am going to beauty school," -That's no longer in the plans
"Still taking ballet," -That is not happening either
"Be moved out" -That sorta happened
"Possibly at BYU," -That's not happening
"And have a Volkswagen Jetta (Silver)" -We have the only silver Jetta in all of our mission!!! What a great goal maker I am:) I laughed my head off when I read the part about the Jetta. Only my 14 year-old self would make such a goal and have that silly goal be the only one that actually  happened!

Anyway, we had a super great miracle happen! On Monday we went tracting in an apartment complex and the SECOND door that we knocked on, a woman answered. We introduced ourselves and she kinda nodded, but very obviously had no idea what we were saying, so we asked where she was from and she said Honduras and so we said, "Perfecto! Habla espanol entonces?!" of course, she did and so we asked her if we could share a message and she let us right in:) She is so darn cute! We taught here the Restoration and when we invited her to be baptized she nodded her head excitedly and asked where and when church was! Turns out that she has been looking for a church and she already knows a little about our church because she has a cousin in Honduras that's LDS. She has even already asked her boss for Sundays off so that she can come to church!

Things are going well and I know they will just keep getting better!

Have a blessed week!!!!

Hermana Fields

PS We went to the beach to to watch the sunrise today and that's where these pictures are from. Our last day as a trio!!! :'/

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