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How is everyone? Did you all have a good Pioneer Day? That doesn't mean anything in Virginia, so it was just a normal day for us. We did celebrate Christmas this week though! We decided that it was going to be Christmas on the 25th and so we listened to Christmas music all day. :) Why? I have absolutely no idea. It was fun though.

This week my miracle, funny story and something that I learned are all the same story. Yesterday was just a day full of miracles.

First Miracle: Our mission has been focusing a lot on how we as missionaries can keep the Sabbath holy and so this week we set some goals for that. Yesterday we were 26 IOs (invite others) off from 100 (which is the standard of excellence in our mission). Normally we would just go to a shopping center parking lot and talk to people there, but we made a goal not to do that on Sundays so people wouldn't think that we had just been shopping on the Sabbath. We tracted for a while to get the IOs, but we weren't having a lot of success. Heavenly Father knew that we were trying hard to keep the Sabbath holy though and he put so many people in out path throughout the day. We were able to get 26 without having to go to a shopping center parking lot!

Second Miracle: Last night at about 7:30 Hermana Bills realized that we were one lesson and one investigator away from the standard of excellence (15 lessons and 2 new investigators). We had planned on going home for dinner at 8:00, but we were definitely not going back to our apartment without reaching that goal. We started trying every potential that we had around that we could teach. We said lots of prayers, but no one would let us in. It was after 8 and we still hadn't found anyone to teach. Then we remembered a potential investigator named P. On the way to his trailer we saw a woman standing on her porch. We decided that if P. wasn't home, we would go talk to her. Well, P. wasn't home so we ran over and introduced ourselves to the woman. And guess what happened? She let us in! I couldn't even believe it! She told us that she was grateful that we had come because she was really sad. She didn't tell us a whole lot, but we were able to teach a very short Restoration lesson and we have a return appointment for next week! She's so humble and prepared to hear the gospel! Then miraculously, we were able to get home on time! Probably the best part of this entire story is when we got home, counted up our numbers, and realized that we hadn't actually met the standard of excellence. We only got 14 lessons. I am not even disappointed at all though because I'm positive that there is a reason that Hermana Bills miscounted our lessons the first time. If she hadn't, we would have just gone home for dinner and we never would have found M. It's really amazing how Heavenly Father works. 

I hope everyone has a marvelous week!

Hermana Fields

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