Tuesday, November 24, 2015

(One Year)


How is everyone doing?! 

Well, it's starting to finally be wintery around here and I finally had to get out my coat!!!  Sorry, it's been a couple of weeks since I have written. Things have been pretty crazy around here, and I've been trying to figure out college stuff. 

This was a good week; we had a miracle! There is a sister that we have been working with for a long time that takes care of her non-member "companion's" (not boyfriend because they are both older people) two grandsons. The older one is 8 and a super sweet little boy. We have been thinking about asking if he would like to be baptized for a couple weeks because he goes to church every week, and he loves it. So, this week we went to teach and right after we walked in the door Lemuel says, "Guess what sisters!? I'm 8 and I'm going to get baptized!" Later on in our lesson he came in so we asked him about why he wanted to get baptized and he said that he had thought about it for a long time. Margie asked him what made him decide to do it and he said, "I thought and I thought and thought. Then one day you asked me grandma, so I knew that I should!" This is a little 8 year old! So we told him that our job was to help people get ready to get baptized and we asked him if we could teach him about it. He told us that he would have to think about it. We told him he could pray, too. So he went upstairs and at the end of the lesson he came back down and said, "I decided. Yes." It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! This little boy made that decision all on his own! We are already seeing blessings from trying to work through members more!

So, I didn't have time to write last week, but we had a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy come do a mission tour this week. It was amazing. It was Elder Mervyn B. Arnold and his wife. He talked a lot about working with members more. He also had a special devotional for our Spanish branch and the branch in Newport News. It was sooo great to see everyone from my old area again! I miss them so much!

Well, I've got to get going, but I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

La iglesia es verdadera!!!

Hermana Fields

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