Monday, November 9, 2015

"Noche de la Hispanidad"


How is everyone doing this week?! 

Things are going really well here. :) I can't believe that I've only been here in Virginia Beach for two weeks. It feels like forever already! I don't mind though, because last transfer went way too fast and I want all the time I can get doing this amazing work!

This week in the ward we had a "Noche de la Hispanidad." It was the funnest. Because there are people from so many different countries in our branch, we had a big dinner where they set up different tables with food from all the different countries. Then later they did some dances from Mexico, Ecuador and Honduras. All the Mexicans, as you can see in the picture, went all out on their table!!!

Afterwards they moved all the tables and everyone just danced! It was super fun to watch! Too bad we're missionaries and can't dance.... And, our investigator came!!! And also, one of Hermana Reed's long lost cousins came, too! 

This week, I have been reading the book Our Heritage. If you don't know what that is, it's a short(ish) history of the church. Those saints in the beginning went through so much!!! Now, I'm just super pumped to keep carrying forth the work they started!!! If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do it. :)

Got to go, but I hope you all have a blessed week!!!!

La iglesia es verdadera!

Hermana Fields

Noche de la Hispanidad - Mexico

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