Monday, January 26, 2015

Guess What! I've Been Out for 2 Months!


Guess what!  I've been out for 2 months! It's super weird... Oh how time flies! So, I've decided to add a new section to my letters called: "You know you're a missionary when..."  So, this week you know you're a missionary when you start introducing yourself as Sister Fields in your dreams. That happened this week.
Anyway, this week was a pretty good one, full of adventures both spiritual and just us getting lost. We do that a lot even with Elder Darcy, our trusty GPS. For example: this week we set aside a day to go out to the towns of Farmville and Fountain. We headed out, determined to find a brother that the bishop asked us to visit out on a road called Pocosin. Well, we know a sister that lives out there that we just recently had dinner with and so we put it into our GPS and headed all the way out to Pocosin. Once we got to the road, Elder Darcy said that we were at the house... and there was just a field there..... so we just started driving up this road that is really just out in the middle of nowhere with only maybe 10 houses on it. And then, we got to the end of the road and we still couldn't find the house! So we started driving back to look again and then we started talking about Veggie Tales and before we knew it we were once again at the end of this 5ish mile road! So we decided to try one more time... and we still didn't find it. We decided to just knock on a door that we thought might be it and so we parked by the house of the sister that we knew. When we parked she came outside to see what we were doing so we told her who we were looking for and she said that she didn't know who that was. Then she asked, "Does he live in Greenville or Fountain?" And that's when we found out there is a Pocosin Dr. in Greenville and a Pocosin Rd. in Fountain..... So that was awkward. It was a really pretty drive I guess. Funny story, anyway.

I just love being out here. As much as I don't like talking to people, I just love everyone that we teach! Last week we started teaching so many new people that I can just see have been being prepared for this gospel for a long time. I just hope they accept it! One example is a lady named B*. She is an older lady that we started teaching this week. She is some kind of Baptist, I think, but she said that if God tells her she should join our church that's what she'll do even if it takes all her faith. She really is amazing and already has soooo much faith! That was such a great lesson. As I was telling her about Joseph Smith being visited by Peter, James and John, and John the Baptist, I felt like I was talking to a sponge! She was just soaking it all up and the spirit was so strong! At the end of the lesson it somehow came up that we volunteer to come out on missions and she just looked at us so shocked and said, "God is looking down smiling at you right now. He is so proud of you." And I just wanted to cry. Heavenly Father really works through people to send you messages he wants you to hear. Especially when He knows that you are having a bad day. The night before we had had a kind of rough lesson with a lady that was very firm in her Pentecostal beliefs and I really needed our good lesson with B to remind me that people actually do want to hear this message. Being a missionary is super great. 

Something else I have learned this week, the opposition really really doesn't want people to get baptized. One of our investigators was set to be baptized this week and then this crazy thing came up with her mom in Philadelphia, and so she missed her interview and so we have to push back her date. She is sooo ready to be baptized, but of course something had to come up... She is doing really well though and is still reading and even went to church out in Philadelphia! Another time this week we were teaching another investigator that has been being taught for over a year and so we had a big talk about faith and right when we were getting to baptism her dog freaked out and started running around barking... I've heard stories about stuff like that happening, but I didn't know it was real! Sister Hansen and I just have to remind ourselves, in the words of Veggie Tales, that "God is bigger than the boogie man" and that everything will work out! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Hermana Fields

*I'm not sure about posting names on Hna. Fields' blog - so, that's why the initial B instead of a name. [~Angela]  :)

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