Monday, January 12, 2015

Hola from Greenville! (Weeks 6 & 7)

Hola from Greenville!

After two weeks of waiting, here I am finally writing again! Sooo much has happened, so we will see what I can fit in in the next 15 minutes... 

I finally made it to the actual mission field! I am currently serving in the Greenville NC 2nd Ward and I love it.  The people here are incredible! As some of you may already know, I'm currently just English speaking. We got here to find out that there were only two Hermanas available to train. So, some of us are doing all our training in English. I have no idea what will happen after my 12 week training.  But I will continue to have my hour of language study every day and keep faith that the Lord has a plan! Which I know He does. I have seen in it countless times just in the last week, so I know everything will work out! 

So, before I get too ahead of myself, I'll tell y'all about my last week at the CCM! There isn't a lot to say, but it was a good week! The hardest part was saying goodbye to my district, we had all grown so close! We are planning a reunion in two years though... and we have a Martinelli's bottle that we all put our mission goals into and we are going to break it at the reunion! 
Oh, but guess who I met, though! So, one day I was standing in line for food and an Elder that I had seen around a lot suddenly stopped me and said, "Hermana Fields! Do you have family in Virginia?"  I told him yeah, and that I have an aunt out there. Turns out he is from Aunt Val's ward! Apparently she had told him to keep an eye out for me and it took him 6 weeks to finally find me! It's funny what a small world the church is. Anyway, so that is who Elder Padilla is! 

Saying goodbye to the CCM was hard, but I can't describe how happy I am to be back in the States. I absolutely love it here in Greenville.  Their accents are the best. There are so many things that I have heard of as being stereotypical Southern things, that I never knew were real things until I got here! It's just so Southern! There are literally churches on every corner, and EVERYONE is religious. I have not met a single person that doesn't already have a strong belief in Jesus Christ and it makes me so happy! The people here are so receptive to the gospel, and it really is such a joy to share it with them. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell y'all about my companion! Her name is Sister Hansen and she is the greatest. She's from Arizona and she has been out for 15 months and so she is a great trainer:) We live an apartment and we have a car named Maximus and a GPS named Elder Darcy. :) He always saves us damsels in distress when we get lost... so all the time, haha.

Anyway, it's great to be out here. I have already seen so many little miracles and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for next week. I love you all! Be good, say your prayers and read your scriptures!

Sister (for the time being) Fields
 PS - Sorry for the lack of pictures of North Carolina!
Christmas lights at the CCM
District 12C
District 12C
Elder Padilla
Me and Hermana Reed
Me and Hermana Arnaud!
District 12 Hermanas
Package from home! It says "baby girl" on it... that made for a good laugh!

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