Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 10 - Exchanges

Hello Everyone!

Well, to say the least, this was a busy/weird week. I went on my first exchanges this week! I was so scared at first, but it really gave me so much confidence. The sister training leader I was with is from Highland and it was so nice to talk to a Utahn again. It's weird how you don't even realize there is that much of a difference, until you talk to a Utahn again and you realize how much you missed it. While we were out on exchanges we could not meet with anyone all day! Everyone that we had an appointment with canceled, and then no one else was home. And then, we finally taught an investigator! She has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now, but couldn't settle on a date for baptism and we hadn't been able to get the real reason out of her. We finally did! Inspired questions are real things, people. We addressed her problem and she is now praying about Feb. 28th and I'm so excited for her! Anyway, so after a long day of nothing &  running around, we finally saw a miracle. :) Nothing else really super exciting happened last week though... Except, I am apparently going blind! My eyesight is doing some weird stuff, so I am going to get that checked soon so I can actually study... Also, I started seeing/hearing a bunch of doves again... I think I'm mental, but I'm pretty sure that Sister Hansen sees them, too. Oh well, Hermana Earl just told me that whenever I see or hear a dove it is a reminder that God loves me. 

So, for "you know you're a missionary when..." this week: You know you're a missionary when the pronoun I/me no longer exists to you. It has to be us/we. This week we had dinner with the Evans and I asked Brother Evans where he went on his mission and he told me and I said, "Oh yeah, you told me that." I felt so weird saying me instead of us.... 
Have a great week everyone! Love y'all! 

Hermana Fields
I love the South!

Country store
Old, abandoned houses. (Soni will appreciate these.)


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