Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 8

Sorry! This is going to be a short one today, and I don't have any pictures!
     This week was pretty great; a little rough, but good! We had interviews with President Baker and that was super nice and insightful. We have been teaching a lot of member lessons this week and that has been super fun. The ward here is awesome! We have had dinner every day this week! And through members we got 18 referrals last week! And just all together, Southerners are my favorite. 
     We were meeting with an investigator on Saturday.  She is in her 60's and is just hilarious. A little way into the lesson she looks at me and says, "I feel like I'm in a room with an Indian princess. You are Indian, aren't you?" I said, "Yes" and she said, "I knew it! I'm goin' to call you my little Indian princess! And, you are prettier than a Georgia peach, too!" It was hilarious and also very different because I haven't ever had anyone guess that I was Native right off! 
     There was another time we were meeting with a less-active sister. She was an absolute crack-up. She's an older black lady who is a recent convert. During our lesson she kept telling us about all these crazy superstitions that her mom had. One of them was that you can never wash clothes on Fridays. Why? She doesn't know, but she has been following that tradition of her mother's her whole life and then that day she had spilled juice on a rug and she had to put it into the wash on a Friday! The member that was with us said "That's okay, because it wasn't clothes." The sister was so relieved that she hadn't broken the tradition! She kept saying, "Oh, thank you! That is SUCH a relief!" None of us could stop laughing. She then said that she liked to keep people laughing because, "When you frown, you ugly." She is hilarious. At the end of the lesson she asked us if Sister Whitley was taking us out to dinner that night and then she said, "Miss Elizabeth said you had something with gluten? Or something. You got something wrong with you!" I wish I could just record the way she talks... 
     This week was very spiritual, too. I have seen so many little miracles and I have really seen Heavenly Father's hand in my life. We were working on trying to get the lesson on the Restoration down this week. It's crazy how the Lord has helped me learn and helped me teach our investigators. I also know that He definitely has a plan for me. I was pretty bummed and frustrated when I found out that I wasn't going to train in Spanish, but I have really started to see why this week. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to improve my teaching skills before I move on to teaching in Spanish. This English thing has been such a blessing. I would be sooo overwhelmed if I had had to just dive into teaching in Spanish, and God definitely knew that! That's another thing I have started to learn. Heavenly Father knows us all perfectly and loves us all more than we can even imagine. I have seen that and felt that as we have taught our investigators and members in the ward.

I hope everyone has a marvelous week! Love you all! 

Hermana Fields

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