Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Spring! Just Kidding...

Hello people!
     Happy spring! Just kidding, I forgot, it's just that way here. It has been so warm out here for the last month that all the plants and animals are confused and think it's spring! All the trees have little buds coming out and there are even a few daffodils coming up! Also, the robins have already started coming back!!! It's started to get really cold again though, so maybe they'll leave and come back later!
     Well, this week was a pretty good week. We had interviews with the mission president this week! Those are always the best to help you keep going. We got some super great council on how to help our area:) 
     Unfortunately, Hermana Nyre got a really bad cold this week, so that grounded us for a couple days, but don't worry she's recovering very well. :) There's a bunch of crazy viruses going around this place! Almost all the sisters in our district are sick! I've been taking vitamins like mad. I don't want to get sick again!!! 
     So, I cut my hair today... I don't have a picture yet, but just know that it's shorter... Just kidding, it's not that much shorter. :) Just a lot of layers! My head feels about ten pounds lighter!
     Let's see, what other random subject can I jump to? Oh! We started studying Preach my Gospel as a mission. It's probably the best thing ever! I have learned so much just in the last 2 weeks! 
Anyways, sorry this is a scramble, not very well put together email... That's basically just how my brain is working these days.
Que tengan una buena semana!
Hermana Fields
Carolina Sunset

Bright Green, Confused Grass


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