Saturday, April 25, 2015

On Miracles and Diligence (21 weeks out)

You know you're a missionary when you go back to get blood work done at the doctor's office, and when you come back your companion is teaching someone about the Restoration of the gospel in the waiting room. 

Hello everyone!
     I hope you all had a marvelous week!  We had a crazy week here in Greenville, but that's actually just normal. :) 
     We have been working really hard to try and make sure that "Miracle May" can happen. Which I know will!  It actually has been pretty remarkable.  As we have been been praying and fasting, so much has started happening!  We had a really great miracle happen just the other day.  We were at the doctor's office and after my appointment we were waiting to get my blood work done, and a lady across the room started talking to us and complaining about health care and politics.  As missionaries, we really didn't know how to respond to politics, but we felt prompted to go over and ask her about religion.  So, we did, and it turns out that she had met with the missionaries about 15 years ago. And, she asked us to come over!  Miracles are happening!  Lots of little things happen every day and it is so exciting to see. :)
     Something that I learned this week in my scripture study is that God doesn't bless you because you are "successful."  He blesses you because you are diligent.  I was reading in Alma chapter 21.  Poor Aaron and Muloki just had such awful luck!  Everyone was so mean to them, and no one listened.  And then, they were cast into prison for who knows how long.  As soon as they were rescued and fed and clothed, they went straight back to work!  After that, they were able to bring "many to the knowledge of the truth."  
     The Lord blessed them because, after everything they went through, they were still diligent in preaching the gospel to the Lamanites. Those were some incredible missionaries!  Even though sometimes in this work things get really hard (though probably never as bad as Aaron and Muloki had it) and you don't feel like your work is doing anything, be patient and diligent!  Things can, and will, start to happen!  I really think that this principle can apply to  a lot of other things in life as well.  I couldn't tell you what, though, because all I currently know is missionary work.
     I hope everyone has one blessed week. Remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Hermana Fields

This is what happens to trees when they get struck by lightning.


  1. Awesome street sign. The other name is my maiden name!

    1. Haha! It would have been even better if her companion was Sister Wallace!