Monday, March 2, 2015

(14 weeks out)

You know you're in the South when there is such a thing as a "Faith Cab."  That is a legit thing!!!

     Guess what happened last week? We got snowed in again! That was the second Tuesday in a row that we couldn't do anything! We definitely got a lot of cleaning and record updating and phone calls done though that's for sure! 
     Best thing that has happened all week? Our investigator L is getting baptized!!!!! We are so excited! She is a cute Jamaican lady and she was beyond prepared for the gospel and she already has such a strong testimony! We have had to push back her date so many times because of all kinds of crazy things happening, but she finally made it!!! She is getting baptized on Saturday and so I will send pictures next week!
     Also, there is a lady in our ward that we have been working with, Sister J, she hasn't been very active in quite some time, but recently she started coming back to church, and then on Sunday this week she got up in sacrament meeting and bore her testimony! It is so amazing to watch how the Lord works in people's lives! I love it! 
     Another thing that is super great that happened: President Baker announced that we are going to be able to go to the temple! I don't know what kind of strings he pulled, but we are having zone conferences in Raleigh, and for part of it we get to go do a session in the Raleigh temple! I'm pretty darn excited, that's for sure! 
I hope you all have a blessed week!
Hermana Fields
Editor's note: It really is an incredible thing for the missionaries to be able to go to the Raleigh temple. It is not only not in their mission boundaries, it is also out of the Church's Area boundaries. Awesome!

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