Friday, March 20, 2015

(Week 16)

You know you are in the South when the McDonalds sign says, “God bless Greenville” on it.  I love this place. . .

Well, Hello Everyone!

     How are y’all? We had another adventurous week in Greenville, as always. :) Monday started us off in a rather intimidating manner.  We had a dinner with our very tall, very intimidating Stake President.  That was pretty scary.  I really don’t think it should have been as scary as it was, but it was.  I have probably talked about it before, but I’m not sure. . .   Anyway, if I haven’t, we are trying to meet with every active member household and invite them to pray every day for thirty days for a missionary opportunity. And so, we had to give that lesson to the Stake President and his family.  I was terrified, but it went alright. :) It was all okay though, because after that we had a lesson with C.  She always makes our day.  She’s the cutest little woman I have ever met. :)
     We had exchanges this week so, of course, miracles happened.  The way we do exchanges in this area is a little different.  Both Sister Training Leaders come to our area and we just split up with them.  And, we go proselyting in our area, as opposed to one half of our companionship going to their area and one half of theirs coming here.  When I first got here Sister Hansen told me lots of times that miracles happen on exchanges, and she was right. Miracles happen on exchanges!  One example: There is a sister in our ward that hasn’t been active in a very long time.  In fact, she is Baptist now. Sister Hansen and I have gone over to her house lots of times to talk to her.  The poor woman has been going through a lot lately.  When we go to talk to her, she always talks to us for a couple of minutes and then tells us to go home and get out of the cold.  Well, Sister Boatwright and I went over during exchanges and she told us to come in out of the cold!  We had a good discussion with her. :)  Really, the fact that we got in is such a miracle!
     Another thing that happened: Sisters Beifuss and Hansen were out in the Farmville/Fountain area. There is a family out there that we have never been able to find.  Well, anyway, our dear GPS Darcy can’t, and we would get so lost.  Anyway, we have had the assignment to talk to them for forever, but no one could tell us how to get there.  While Sisters Beifuss and Hansen were out there a member showed them how to get there!  That doesn’t sound like a miracle, but it really is.
     We had a wonderful Ward Chili Cook-off/Talent Show this week.  That was hilarious.  The closing act was an older Brother in the Ward lip syncing and playing air guitar to “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash in a ring of rope lights.  There are some crazy talented kids in this ward, though.  One, Spencer (who is the Ward Mission Leader’s son), got up and said that he was going to play “All of Me” by Jon Schmidt.  Sister Hansen turned to me and said, “I can’t even play that song! I’ve tried!”  It was amazing.  He is only, like, 11 years old, too!  They are a very talented family.
     It’s just so great all the people you meet on a mission.  We met a very happy lady the other day who told us that you’ve got to give God some PDA every once in a while.  That’s a little different.  We also met a very nice Hawaiian lady, who gave us a picture of Jesus from Hawaii and some food, as soon as she walked in (she came to a lesson that we were giving her friend).  These people out here are just great. :)

Well, I love you all. Have a blessed week!

Hermana Fields

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