Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission Miracles - Week 12


What a crazy week we had here! Well, on Tuesday we had a big specialized sisters training in Virginia. So, we got to go up to Virginia Beach on Monday, and then go out teaching with the sisters there. That was really cool. It's great to see how the work is in different areas of the mission. Then, on Tuesday, we all drove to Portsmouth for the meetings. They were AMAZING. I loved it! And I got to see all the Hermanas from the CCM!!! That was one of the absolute best parts of the entire training. I miss them so much! But it's alright, because I'll probably end up companions with one of them at some point in my mission. There are really not many Hermanas out here, like 14 maybe. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and learned A LOT:)

We have seen so many little miracles this week. We have been very busy because we had to push all our appointments from Monday and Tuesday back to the rest of the week. But it's good, because a busy missionary is a happy missionary! Really tired, but happy. And, even when we are so tired, and have completely messed up our scheduling and doubled booked an hour, if we keep pushing through and continue to work hard, Heavenly Father blesses us. That actually happened this week. We accidentally double booked an hour and so I was freaking out because I didn't want to cancel either appointment. Sister Hansen somehow kept a cool head through the entire thing. She just has more faith than me, haha. So we called and texted around the ward to see if anyone could go on splits with us. Only one person replied, our trusty ward missionary Sister Cartin. Then, Sister Hansen looks at me and says, " We should call Sister Andrews." And so we did, and guess what? She cancelled our appointment! So we took Sister Cartin with us to the other appointment that we had scheduled. The other appointment was with a potential investigator. So we went over to the house and the lady that we were going to teach wasn't there. But, her husband was, and he asked if we could teach him. So we did! It was a really unorganized, scrambled restoration lesson. But, the Spirit really stepped in and testified. He is really interested, and we are meeting with their family later this week. The best thing is that he had actually already picked up his wife's Book of Mormon, that we had given her, and had started reading it. He had it at work one day, and it turns out that his boss is LDS and talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon! I'm excited. Anyway, the real miracle here was that we had Sister Cartin with us. If that whole crazy, double-booking, madness had never happened we wouldn't have had her with us and we wouldn't have been able to teach that man, because mission rules say that we have to have another female with us if we are teaching a man by himself. The Lord really works in amazing ways. I love it! So, even though we were so silly and double-booked, Heavenly Father used that so that so we could teach someone! If any of you are thinking about a mission and aren't sure yet, I highly recommend it:)

Let's see, what else happened this week? Valentine's Day happened, and so we heart attacked and brought chocolate to some of the sisters in the ward. That day was a bit of a struggle because no one wanted to meet with us all that day because they had plans! Dear Sister Quasbarth had us over for dinner though:) 
Anyway, I hope y'all have a lovely week! 
Love y'all! 
Hermana Fields
You know you're a missionary when your desk starts out looking like this...
And ends up like this, an hour later!

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