Tuesday, December 2, 2014

La Hermana en Mexico!

Where to start? I just love it here! My flights went really well! It was hard saying goodbye to my mountains as we flew away, but I managed. After we got to the Mexico airport we drove through the city for about an hour to get to the CCM (Missionary Training Center). That was the most terrifying drive of my life! The roads are so windy, there is so much traffic, people drive like lunatics, the lanes are super narrow and we were on a huge bus. It really felt like we were on the Knight Bus from Harry Potter. We made it safe and sound at about 7ish. 

My companion's name is Hermana Reed and I love her. We work really well together and mostly just quote a lot of movies all the time. When I say a lot of movies I mean mostly Nacho Libre. We have great fun and on Mondays we match:) We live in a cute little casa with another companionship and I love those girls too. Their names are Hermana Mardis and Hermana Earl. We call ourselves a quadrapanion because we are ALWAYS together. And we are all going to the same mission! I know that it was pure inspiration that we were put together. 

It is just so beautiful and warm here. I just look around campus and want to cry because it is so gorgeous! The city is rough and is pretty ghetto, but it has its own beauty. Of course we are always hearing gunshots and fireworks and car horns and sirens 24 hours a day, but it sorta' grows on you. Everyone here is so nice! There really is such a special spirit here.

The food is great, and they are very accommodating to my allergy. They feed us so much! Every meal is a bit of a new adventure really, but it's fun. They have corn tortillas at every meal that are to die for, and we all have this mixture of lemon lime soda, naranja and jamaica that we mix at every dinner. AND THERE IS WATERMELON AT EVERY MEAL! That's my favorite part:)

My Spanish is pretty rough, still, but I'm working on it. We had to teach our first investigator the first day we were here. It was the most painful experience of my life! I felt so bad. I couldn't say a word! As soon as we got in there I no longer spoke any Spanish and Hermana Reed had to do the whole thing! I have been getting a lot better, though:)

I have so many things to say and zero time to say it! My zone and district are super chill. We're in district 12, but we live in casa 13 and whenever we hear a firework or gunshot we say that another tribute has fallen;) What else? The carbon monoxide alarm went off like three times our second day.  That was fun. And then our water heater broke. Hurray for cold showers, haha! We got it fixed, though:) 

I wish I could tell all of you all the crazy things that have happened, but I haven't the time! Let me know if there are any specific things you want to hear about for my next email. I love you all and hope you have a grand week!

Hermana Fields

The Bus to the CCM - AKA "The Knight Bus" 

Chocolates via MTCmexicocarepackage.com

Hermanas Reed and Fields on Matching Monday
The Quadrapanionship
Virginia Chesapeake Mission on the little map
The Concoction

Aren't these the cutest Hermanas you've ever seen? (Yeah, this caption was made by Mom.)

Unlucky Casa 13


  1. So glad you are having an awesome adventure with awesome people! We miss your face!!

  2. Ah she is so funny! I love it. She made me laugh! Miss her!