Tuesday, December 9, 2014

And another week passes at the CCM...

So much has happened this week! As Elder Olsen once said, "Mission time is wibbly wobbly. Every day feels like 5 years, but every week feels like 1 second, it's weird!" So, I'll try to get everything in but it's hard to remember everything that happened.

Christmas has set in at the CCM. There are poinsettias planted EVERYWHERE and it makes me more happy than I can say. They have up a big nativity and they are putting Christmas lights on all the main palm trees. And, there are Christmas trees in every major building. It reminds me of Disneyland: all dressed up for Christmas, and it makes me so happy! Last P-day all of us in my room in the casa decided that we needed a Christmas tree, too.  So, we went to the tienda and found some green paper and made a tree! It's a gratitude tree. The ornaments are sticky notes with things we are thankful for, and then we put a picture of Jesus at the top:) We also made a super legit wreath for our door and every time I see it I just get so happy! It's weird here, though, because it's so warm that it really doesn't feel like December at all. But, I love it anyway!

My district is the absolute greatest.  I just love them all. The only problem is that we all just want to talk instead of study... We have an hour of study time after dinner every night and we just end up playing random trivia games and listening to all the Elders talk about their sad, yet hilarious. girl stories. We also try to figure out everyone's first names which is always weird to finally find out. You just can't look at them the same... Yeah, we talk way too much. We have made a goal to be more obedient, though!!!

Last night was interesting. There is a big hill right next to us that has a giant B on it, for the name of the school that used to be here (Benemerito de las Americas High School) and it caught on fire! We were all like, "Whoa, that's so crazy!" and my companion, who is from San Diego, was like "Nah, that's totally normal for me." It was funny. We are positive that someone has it in for that poor B on the hill because one morning we woke up and there was a burn mark right next to it, and then last night the other side burned! 

My Spanish is coming okay. It's really frustrating and sometimes really discouraging, but I'm trying my hardest! I'm just putting my trust in the Lord! On Sunday I was feeling really discouraged and down after an interview I had. Hermana Reed and I were sitting in a devotional by Elder Bednar from the Provo MTC, and I just couldn't concentrate the whole time, but the one thing I heard from the whole thing was, "You can do this! I know you can do this! The Lord knows that you can do this." Even though it doesn't always feel like it, the Lord is watching over us through all of our trials.

So, yeah, this week happened:) I love being here and I love the people here. The Church is true, everyone. If you don't know that, pray and you will get an answer. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Love you all!

Hermana Fields (AKA Hermana Campos) 
"Christmas trees"
"B" Hill
Our Blessing Tree

Nativity Scene from the little sisters (and Dad)

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