Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 3


Guess what everyone? I missed The Hobbit. But it's okay, because the work I'm preparing to do is far greater than even my favorite movie!!! It's actually way insane, being here at the CCM.  It's hard because, well obviously I can't speak Spanish, but because we are just teaching our teachers as our investigators. So it's hard to really feel like we are helping anyone or accomplishing anything. But every once in a while I get a little glimpse of what it's going to be like when we are teaching real people, and I get so excited! 

So I've sorta had this cough since before I even got here and it's been a while, so I finally went to the doctor this week. He thought having a cough for three weeks with no other symptoms was weird, too.  So he gave me antibiotics.  But it's still not going away... My companion hates it. She says that it's not that bad, but I know that she secretly hates it. Sorry, that was really random, but now you know.

I learned something this week:  Mexicans LOVE fireworks. One day last week was apparently a Catholic holiday and there were non-stop fireworks all night and then all day and then all night, again. They even caught the hill on fire AGAIN! The hill is magic though. It burns itself out every time! During all the explosions around us I just pretended like I was in World War II and that it was just another air raid.  I even wore that dress that I stole from Soni. The one that looks sorta like that time period. 
On Saturday a folk dancing group came and performed an amazing Christmas program for us. And guess what? At the end, they had fireworks go off -  INSIDE the auditorium! Mexicans love their fireworks. The program was actually really, really good and it made me so excited to go out and teach these people.

We are now the oldest district in our zone. We said goodbye to the older district last night... It was really sad... We all had gotten really close to all of them, especially the two hermanas! They are actually both going to the Provo mission, which is way cool.  I'm excited for them! But it was sad, nonetheless. Our zone has a tradition that every Monday night we all go and play signs together and it is the funnest. But last night was our last night with the other zone, so it was very bitter-sweet.

Today was the greatest, to make up for last night being so sad, though. We got to go to the temple! Well, sorta. We got to go to the visitor center because the temple is closed for renovation. Their visitor center is sooo much cooler than any we have here! If any of you are ever in the area, go to the Mexico City Temple and visitor center! 

I wish I had 15 hours to tell you all about all the crazy growth and learning that happens, but that would take 15 hours, and I only have one. So, just know that the church is the perfect restored gospel on the earth today. 

Love you all! Thank you all for all your support and prayers!!!

Hermana Fields
 PS How could I forget? We started a new tradition! So, every breakfast and dinner they have bread and jam and honey and peanut butter and Nutella out so we can make toast or sandwiches. They also always have a bunch of fruit. So as of this week, every Sunday we eat bananas with Nutella and peanut butter! It's the best thing I have ever tasted!

Christus - In the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center
Our Silly Elders

Visitor Center

CCM Sign
Mexico City Temple

Our District

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