Monday, June 8, 2015

Rain and Hastening the Work


I hope everyone is doing well!  We made it through another week in the News! It rained a lot this week.  We got to go tracting in the rain and now I feel like a real missionary!  That was fun for a while, until my umbrella started soaking through, and no one answered their doors.  Actually, last week we were walking down the street in a our favorite trailer park, Christian Street, and it started pouring so we went and got in our car.  But, there was another person that we wanted to see so we ran as fast as we could to their front porch and a woman answered.  She looked so surprised to see two random girls on her porch in the pouring rain, and then she just said, ¡Pasen adelante! So we went in and taught her about the Book of Mormon. :)  We actually just went back and taught her and her husband, yesterday, and it went really well. :)  Tracting in the rain works well sometimes!

This last week we have been learning a new way of teaching, and it is pretty different, but super great.  We are teaching very short, very simple lessons: really focusing on using the pamphlets, especially using the pictures in the pamphlets.  Someone from the Missionary Department in SLC came and did a 2-day training on it for all the Sister Training Leaders, District Leaders, and Zone Leaders.  Apparently, we are the only mission on the East Coast doing this.  It's really hard.  We have been trying to get our Restoration lessons down to 10 minutes. The lesson needs to be sooooo simple! We just teach an overview now, and then the investigators use their agency and read the pamphlets for themselves outside the lesson.  It's crazy, but it's super good because, honestly, no one wants to meet with us for 45 minutes or an hour.  The guy from Salt Lake talked about how this is part of the hastening of the work. So that's been really interesting, this week!

We had exchanges this week. One of our Sister Training Leaders actually is a Spanish Sister and just left my area after being here for a year, so it was super nice being on exchanges with her. She knows everyone and is really good at Spanish.  It's actually Hermana Camps! She trained my MTC companion, Hermana Reed, and was companions with Hermana Bills last transfer.  Everyone calls her Hermana Campos, so on exchanges we were "Hermana Campos y Hermana Campos!"  It was great. :)

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful week!
I love you all!
Hermana Fields

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